இது எனக்கு ஈ-மெயிலில் நண்பர் ஒருவர் அனுப்பியது. முடிந்தால் செய்துபாருங்கள்...!

This is particularly for all the airtel india users. By using this trick you can send unlimited free sms throughout India free of cost by using your airtel connection. There is nothing better than getting messages free of cost and that too throughout the country, no charge for the STD messages also. To start using this trick you just need to configure your airtel phone a little bit, the procedure to which is given below.

Procedure to get started given below :

1. The first thing you need to do is create a new service message centre which can be easily done by accessing the message settings option.

2. Now select a name for your connection and the foremost thing is to use the number +919810051905 in the message center number field.

3. Once you are done with this you should set the preferred connection as the packet data. To this you need to go into the phone settings and look in the connections menu for the option of preferred connection.

4. The next step is to change the access point. Access point settings can be accessed from the internet message options and it should be changed to airtel live.

5. After doing this you are all set to use the trick but just remember one thing, you need to add a 0 before each number you want to send message.

This trick may turn out to be really good but as a matter of fact I have not tried this trick yet. So all those who are going to try this, leave back your comments for the ones who will be trying.

All the best

For relaince Mobile Internet Users

On the repeated request of the users for the free settings of mobile internet by the reliance India users, I am posting this to solve their problem. I hope this works as I have not tested this free reliance mobile internet setting due to time constraints.

Reliance India however launched the mobile internet as an introductory offer and charges a mere 10p per 10kb of the network you use. To access the mobile internet you need to select the RMW option and under that option select more services and then finally mobile internet. For the convenience of the users reliance has tagged the application available on the network with only two symbols where “U” indicates that you will need to pay for the application if want to use it and the symbol “>” indicates that this service carries no content in it.

Free settings for reliance India mobile internet

Before putting the settings specified below you need to ensure two things. Firstly that you have carefully plugged in your phone to the pc via an usb cable or via Bluetooth. Secondly you need to have the phone modem drivers properly installed so that your pc can recognize your phone as a modem.

After you are done with the above settings just key in these free internet settings and enjoy. :)-->:)


  1. Anonymous Says,

    how abut to canada? can u tell something for canada wireless system?bcz every time im spending more cash only for msg. how ever its good and thrilling information.

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  3. what is ur mobile network in canada?

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  5. Anonymous Says,

    thnks,mine is ROGERS

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  7. Sorry, i don't have any tricks & hacking methods for ur mobile network. But chek this sits...

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  9. Anonymous Says,

    no prblm buddy. any way thank u honey tamil.

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